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room brighter and more clean ~ want to put
Posted by qizhen0809 
room brighter and more clean ~ want to put
October 12, 2017 01:54PM
<p>natural and man-made, but also in accordance with the type of wood to distinguish. Here we look at the characteristics of wood trim panels and classification knowledge introduced it 1, the type of wood decorative panels 1. According to the natural version and the artificial board is divided into common decorative panels are divided into natural wood veneer panels and people rosewood veneer made thin wood decorative panels. Artificial veneer veneer and natural </p>
<p>wood veneer veneer appearance difference is that the texture of the former is basically straight texture or pattern rules; and the latter is a natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural, variability is relatively large, no rules. Its characteristics: both with the beautiful pattern of wood, but also to make full use of timber resources, reducing costs. 2. According to the type of wood to distinguish between the decorative panels on the market generally have teak trim </p>
<p>panels, walnut decorative panels, southwest gardening panels, maple decorative panels, fried rice trim panels, beech wood panels and so on. Second, the characteristics of wood decorative panels 1. Beech grape beech and white beech, can be processed into a board, square material, thin slices. Texture is fine and straight, or even dotted. Wood hard, tough, resistant to corrosion-resistant impact, easy to crack after drying, transparent paint coating effect is quite </p>
<p>how to fasten posts to side plastic<br />
plastic decking lumber and different colors<br />
decorative outdoor prefab composite board</p>
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