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Geothermal floor pavement with stress
Posted by qizhen0809 
Geothermal floor pavement with stress
February 12, 2018 11:57AM
<P>Solvent-based polyester lacquers have the disadvantage of containing free organic isocyanates that can cause asthma and are detrimental to health. They are not scratch-resistant, can not be used on cork flooring, and are hard to repaint on the original lacquer. Paint again; use solvent to clean paint tools, paint easily turn yellow. The advantages of water-based floor paint is non-toxic, solvent-free odor; easy to repaint the original Auschwitz surface, does not turn yellow. Can brush 3 times a day paint quick-drying; More solvent-resistant than the solvent-based, more environmentally friendly; To maintain the true nature and texture of wood flooring; Construction convenience, do not have to move the construction, painting tools can be washed; Light, for a variety of options.</P>
<P>This water-based floor paint generally used in the paint board and plain board. Lacquered plates are painted floors in the factory, usually UV-lacquered, before they are installed. UV paint floor installation is easy, easy to install tools. However, due to the lacquered board, the ground will not be avoided with a lot of floor seams, and these floor seams are often clean up the corners of the dirt. UV paint so that the floor coverings like a layer of plastic film covered, very smooth, very bright, but it lost the original feeling of wood, and wood texture is the real pursuit of people using solid wood flooring. For wood flooring users, in addition to wood species, the floor paint is a very important aspect of wood flooring, because it is the floor paint floor protection.</P>
<P>Now because of decoration and pollution, most are from the paint inside the harmful substances, so for everyone's health, when you buy outdoor floor paint, we must choose the most environmentally friendly type of outdoor floor paint, harmful The outdoor floor paint does bring immeasurable serious consequences to our body.</P> "floor tiles prices in ghana,outdoor composite deck protectant,vinyl fencing that looks like wood "
Re: Geothermal floor pavement with stress
February 12, 2018 12:11PM
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Re: Geothermal floor pavement with stress
February 12, 2018 01:42PM
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Re: Geothermal floor pavement with stress
February 12, 2018 02:11PM
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