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Wood floor white lime moisture method
Posted by qizhen0809 
Wood floor white lime moisture method
February 14, 2018 09:38AM
<P>Strict requirements of the moisture-proof construction to the real, so I hope everyone in the decoration before doing a good job, the above method is good, but Xiao Bian is not recommended. If the renovation is to consider the renovation, if there is no intention to renovate the investment, you need to make good use of the above method.</P>
<P>Most of the spring dampness occurs in the south or southeast of apartment layout, so windows must be opened and closed sooner or later in the spring, without any chance of damp air coming into the room. You can open the window after the sun came out to let the moist air out, with the sun before closing the window, you can well prevent the floor moist.</P>
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